at.tension festival

at.tension festival is a biennial, interdisciplinary theatre festival, curated, organised and realized by actors from Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. and its network of supporters.

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A ticket for at.tension#8 costs 95,-€ for anyone aged 13 and older. Included in the ticket price are 2 entrances for the visitor-limited events at the festival. Tickets for children between the age of 4 up to 13 cost 20,-€. Since the visitor-limited events usually have an age limit, the children's tickets do not include any entrances to the visitor-limited events.

The at.tension festival 2017 was sold out in only a few minutes. That is why we decided this year to choose the fairest way to give away tickets: a raffle of ticket buying options.

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SUMMARY of at.tension festival 2017

Dear at.tension#7 festivalgoers,
we're writing to sum up the festival a bit, say some thank yous, and bathe in our memories so we can pretend, at least for a little while, that at.tension #7 is not really all over. So, come on, let us sit back and wonder at all we saw once more!

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